500 10th St NE Atlanta, Georgia 30309



Special Hours

Due to Park Tavern events, private events, and the holiday season we may have some changes in our schedule. Here is a list of dates that differ from our typical
Monday- Friday 4:30 - Midnight and Saturday - Sunday 11:30 - Midnight.

Park Tavern is fully committed:
  • December 16th- The SW Rink & Restaurant are fully ommitted for a Private Event
  • 12/24 Park Tavern and Rink are fully committed for Gozapalooza
  • 12/25 Closed in honor of Christmas
  • 12/21 Fully committed to NYE with Yacht Rock Revue
  • 1/1 Fully committed to New Years Day Recovery
  • 1/14 Fully committed
  • 2/11 Oysterfest