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Sunset Sessions with Sweet Crude & Caleb & The Gents

Start Date: 22-Jul-2018

End Date:

Date: 22-Jul-2018

TIME: 7pm-11pm


Sunset Sessions with Sweet Crude and Caleb & The Gents

Sweet Crude

“Sweet Crude is an extremely exciting new group with haunting and mesmerizing vocals are sung in Louisiana French and English.” – PopMatters

"When most think of New Orleans, what usually comes to mind immediately are wild Mardi Gras celebrations, great jazz, and Cafe Du Monde’s famed beignets. Hailing from the Louisiana city, rising indie pop six-piece Sweet Crude know there’s so much more to be found and appreciated: a richness in culture and history, which they’ve deftly woven into the foundation of their work.” – Consequence of Sound

Caleb and the Gents
“10 pounds of fun in a five-pound sack and a rollicking good time…New wine in an old bottle… If you need something to smile about, if you’ve had a bad day and just want to feel good for a while, the Gentlemen (and the Lady) are the prescription.” – The Chattanooga Pulse

Caleb Warren and the Perfect Gentlemen are indeed the “New wine in an old bottle” that fits the prescription for a new generation of revivalists. They bridge the gap between the music of the old-timey speakeasies and juke joints with the voice of a new generation by blending the timeless traditions of Americana and Western Swing with a uniquely hot and fresh flavor that transcends genre. Their acoustic brass ‘n’ brew-grass tunes include raucous barnburners and heart-breaking ballads that continue to intoxicate audiences with performances of the highest spirits. Whether on the river or on the rug, Caleb & the Gents are here to serve and sweep you off your feet, so drink ‘em down and get ready to dance.


Mountain Dew, Aquafina, Pepsi, ALT 105.7, herMustache Booking, Red Stripe Jamaican Lager, Bacardi Rum, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Fugu Vodka by Cutwater Spirits, Strongbow Cider, and Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Winery. 

This is a 21+ event (Children may come with parents)
No reservations are accepted on Sunday's for Sunset Sessions

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