FREE Trivia every Tuesday Night at 7pm & 8pm

Trivia night will never be the same again. Meet up every Tuesday night with friends to eat, drink, think, and win cash prizes along with Park Tavern house prizes. Here are the details:

  • Download the app TrivNow at the App Store at Apple or Google Play learn more at
  • Answer questions correctly to move-up the leaderboard. There are 36 questions every game and 6 questions per round within the game.
  • The more confident you are, the more points you'll earn. Don't worry, you can't lose any points - unless it is a Free Wager round!
  • The faster you submit your answer, the more points you'll earn. We track answer speed down to the millisecond. No ties. No $0.47 payouts.
  • Players who rank on the top of the global leaderboard win cash! Top players on the venue leaderboard can win discounts on food, drinks, and more!
  • Have questions about TrivNow visit

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