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Our Sushi Bar

Enjoy the finest seafood and fresh vegetables prepared right in our own sushi bar. Choose from the two-piece nigiri sushi roll or the four-piece sashimi style rolls. Or if you can’t decide try the chef’s choice: California & Spice Tuna Roll which includes two pieces of nigiri and two pieces of sashimi. Or select a creative sushi salad served with sushi on top of rice and field greens. Choose from a wide range of specialty rolls (6 to 8 pieces) including a fine selection of seafood ranging from Wild Caught Hawaiian tuna, yellowtail, crab, eel, Wild American Georgia shrimp, salmon, and soft shell crab. Raw, cooked and veggie options too. Pair with traditional Saké.

Our sashimi-grade tuna is the highest quality, provided by a Hawaiian vendor who has been recognized in such publications as the New York Times, Coastal Living and Food and Wine as the nation’s top Hawaiian fish supplier.

Best Burgers in Midtown

Ground daily on premise and hand formed into perfect patties. Our burgers are served on bakery fresh yeast buns with homemade condiments and pickles. Sautéed onions, mushrooms and thick-sliced cheese are available to make it your American classic. Complement with one of Park Tavern’s award-winning micro-brewed beers.

We’re Fresh

We pride ourselves in using the freshest ingredients for our menu, from in-season local produce, fresh Georgia chicken and Wild American Shrimp to Wild Caught Hawaiian tuna. Using locally harvested ingredients not only provides us the freshest food available but also helps support our local farms and coastal communities. Our seasonal harvest offerings reflect produce available from local farmers producing healthy, sustainable locally-grown food with pride for our daily special and more. We use Wild American shrimp and support the sustainable, local seafood harvest vs. imported, sulfate laden shrimp from China, Thailand and other countries from the other side of the world. Demand Wild American shrimp and support our coastal communities.





Sushi made with Wild Caught Hawaiian sashimi-grade tuna flown in every day, to Wild American Georgia shrimp paired with a Washington State Riesling to “Midtown’s Best Burger” complemented with one of Park Tavern’s handcrafted on-site beers to a Pulled Pork Sandwich served with a traditional side and a Coke.

Twenty-five beers, a great selection of Wine Spectator-rated wines, Saké, fresh muddled Mojitos, Sangria (to end your search) and specialty drinks.