The original Stone Mountain granite structure of the building was built in 1905 as horse stables for local racing enthusiasts and transformed into the Men’s Club and golf clubhouse in 1928. In 1990 the building was renovated and opened as a restaurant and special events facility. The current owners, Paul and Angela Smith, purchased the building in June 1999 and renamed the restaurant Park Tavern. In 2001 Park Tavern began hosting weddings, corporate and private events in the Piedmont Room—the upstairs event space overlooking Piedmont Park. The Piedmont Garden Tent facility was added in 2004 to provide a unique outdoor garden-style venue for weddings, corporate and private events. Today, the special events team produces almost 200 weddings a year in addition to numerous corporate and social events. Park Tavern, the Piedmont Room and Piedmont Garden Tent facilities have had the honor of hosting several large fundraising events, annual festivals such as Oyster-Crawfish Festival and Lucky Day, and concerts featuring musical talents such as Bon Jovi, Collective Soul and Maroon 5.

Park Tavern Cares - Reduce. Reuse. Recycle and Conserve Water!

Single Stream Recycling is a process that allows Park Tavern staff the convenience of placing all of our recyclables into the same collection receptacle without having to sort based on type of material. Both the collection and processing systems of this program are designed to handle a mixture of recyclable material.

How it works: Park Tavern uses covered receptacles throughout the restaurant to collect empty plastic water bottles, beer bottles, aluminum cans, and plastic cups. A recycling truck from American Disposal Services picks up the collected material and transports it to a facility where the items are sorted. Once sorted, the materials are collected by a 3rd party to be reprocessed and remanufactured into new, reusable products.

Since there is no need for sorting, there is a huge increase in the volume of recyclable materials collected. The recycling efforts improve our community cleanliness by cutting back on littering and reduced trash. These efforts also reduce the amount of waste entering landfills.

  • From grain to glass with a brewer on premises, we support and make decisions in our operations to reduce our water use of the fragile Chattahoochee water basin.
  • We collect rainwater for use in watering the Beltline
  • We only offer guests water on request and do not take glasses of water to tables unless requested
  • Water not consumed is stored for dog consumption or for landscape (watering plants)
  • Park Tavern serves bottled water that is sourced from basins other than the Chattahoochee, including Ocala, FL, and West Virginia
  • For guests who prefer filtered tap water, we provide spa water which changes daily at the entrance of our screened-in-porch and cabanas area. Fresh herbs and fruits make the spa water experience unique on a daily basis (insert picture)
  • We do not serve water in glasses that require washing. Commercial dishwashers use more water to pre-soak, clean, rinse, and sanitize (four cycles) than the water served. After washing, the discharge is then returned to the river
  • At Park Tavern, we do offer bottled water in recycled plastic and then return them to our Single Stream Recycling Program. Single Stream Recycling is a process that allows Park Tavern to put plastic, metals (beer cans), paper and glass into one bin without having to sort based on the type of recyclable material. Our Single Stream program goes to a privately owned Material Recovery system for sorting. Then, they are collected by a third party to be reprocessed and remanufactured into new, reusable products
  • We utilize waterless urinals that save an estimated 150,000 gallons of water per year
  • Tap water has a bad reputation which is not well deserved. In Atlanta, our water utilities are very safe overall but consumers just do not like to use water fountains. In our health conscious society, we are afraid that public fountains and our tap water in general needs additional filtration
  • We know the importance of hydration, convenience, and we offer over 900,000 guests both spa water and bottled water to meet the demand

The Park Tavern Is Fully Committed to One Music Fest 10/26-10/29