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Northeast Beltline Trail Expansion Near Park Tavern

Park Tavern is excited to announce the groundbreaking of the Northeast Beltline Trail expansion near Piedmont Park. As your premier destination for relaxation, dining, and entertainment, we're thrilled to share the details of this transformative project.

Northeast Beltline Trail Expansion Breaks Ground:

The Northeast Beltline Expansion, known as Segment 1, marks a significant milestone for enhanced connectivity in our city. Covering 0.9 miles from Monroe Drive to Westminster Drive, with a section passing through Piedmont Park, this expansion promises improved accessibility and vibrancy.

The NE Beltline Path and Park Tavern:

The NE Beltline path will run parallel to the Park Tavern parking lot at the intersection of 10th & Monroe. Despite ongoing construction, Park Tavern remains open, offering you the city's best patio, bar, and restaurant experience. Join us to relax, relish Piedmont Park's beauty, and enjoy your favorite drinks, food, and watch sports events with friends and fur pals.

Benefits of Community Projects:

The Park Tavern invites you to embrace the bigger picture. Initiatives like the Northeast Beltline expansion contribute to a more connected and dynamic urban environment. Remember, these improvements signify progress toward a city that's accessible and inviting for everyone.

Understanding the NE Beltline's Vision:

The NE Beltline path's alignment alongside Park Tavern's parking lot underscores our commitment to seamless connectivity. In collaboration with the Atlanta Beltline and ATLDOT, enhanced pedestrian safety at the 10th and Monroe Drive intersection is a priority. This effort is aligned with the trail construction project, which crosses Monroe Drive. Moreover, plans are in place to extend the 10th Street bike lane across Monroe, seamlessly connecting with the Beltline Eastside Trail.

Balancing Temporary Inconveniences for Long-Term Gains:

We acknowledge that ongoing construction may lead to minor disruptions. However, it's crucial to remember the long-term advantages these enhancements will bring to our community. The extension of the 10th Street bike lane and the connection to the Beltline Eastside Trail will create an integrated network for cyclists and pedestrians.

Embracing the Timeline:

Considering the project's scope and complexity, the estimated 12-18 months construction duration is reasonable. We kindly ask for your patience and understanding during this dynamic phase. Every step taken is part of our shared journey to craft a more accessible, safer, and unified cityscape for everyone.

As we embark on this transformative venture, Park Tavern remains committed to providing you and the community with exceptional experiences. We invite you to be a part of our city's evolution and look forward to celebrating the completion of the Northeast Beltline Trail expansion.

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